Our story



There’s a very personal story behind Under Your Skin. Here’s Lovisa, our founder.

“Several years ago, I was suffering with a hormone inbalance. But instead of taking the oestrogen pills my doctor prescribed, I took a journey.

I travelled to India and spent an incredible three weeks on an ayurvedic retreat, eating only organic food and using pure, toxin-free skincare.

This experience didn’t just rebalance my hormones. It taught me that everything is connected: the mind, the body and what we take in, both in our diets and through our skin.”

Lovisa first launched Under Your Skin as a natural skincare forum. But it wasn’t long before she started developing her own product range.

“I searched everywhere for chemical-free products I’d actually want to use. When I couldn’t find what I wanted, I decided to create my own. A range that really works. I am so proud of what Under Your Skin stands for.”