Words from Lovisa, one of our founders

Words from Lovisa, one of our founders

Hi you,

I wanted to let you know how the Under Your Skin journey all started - and where we are heading. 

Me & my mother Christina started Under Your Skin with the belief that what we put on our skin - eventually ends up under it. During my early 20s I got a hormonal imbalance, which I was told by doctors would take years to fix. I got recommendations to take estrogen injections, and when I read about some of the side effects and my gut feeling said "no" - there has to be a natural way to treat this. And there was. 

I was looking for retreats all over the world that would treat this kind of problems, and found what was to become a life-changing retreat in the foothills of Himalaya. At the retreat, which included both Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicin treatments, I got special dietary advice, natural supplements and a lot of oil treatments where the body was supposed to take up the nutrition and kick-start the blood stream in the organs. And it worked. 3 weeks after our stay in the Himalayas, my hormones were back on track. 

Back in Sweden after the retreat I started to reflect on what really affect us in our day to day lives. Chemicals in the air, foods, our clothes, homes.. the list can go on. Skin care was one of the things I felt most interested in, since the average woman uses about 12 different products everyday and our bodies can take up what we put on it. When looking into the industry - I got shocked. So many different chemicals are allowed, and we can't really understand what the packaging says. This was the starting point for Under Your Skin - a wellness brand without any harmful & unnecessary ingredients.

As for the future, we have many exiting launches and products to come, all within wellness. And we hope you will like it as much as we do! 


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