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Om Holistisk hälsa - Wholistically

Under Your Skin har intervjuat hälsoprofilen Caroline Oskarsson, hon är 31 år och jobbar som Intuitive Lifestyle Coach under coachingplattformen Wholistically, som startades 2017. Hon har en lång bakgrund inom...

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An combination of our Shampoo and Conditioner.

This is the perfect combo for a clean hair detox! Due to it's natural ingredients like stemcell extract from Milk Thistle it gives your hair a detoxing treatment. These products are free from synthetic ingredients like silicones, petrochemicals, paraben, phenoxyethanol and artificial fragrance & color. Because it's free from silicone - it may take your hair 2 weeks to get used to this healthy new habit, but don't worry! After 2 weeks using this natural ritual your hair will stay cleaner for longer.

The heart and soul of under your skin

Under Your Skin was born out of the belief that what we put on our skin, eventually ends up under it. What we put on it is therefore as important as what we put into it through food. 

While strong chemicals have been banned in food due to negative health and environmental impact, same chemicals are still allowed to be used in skin care. Under Your Skin is here to contribute to the elimination of doubtful chemicals. As a first step to show that it’s possible to create high quality skin care without unnecessary chemicals, they recently launched their first line of natural, premium products.

Under Your Skin is owned and operated by the mother-daughter duo Christina and Lovisa Hahn.

Revolution in a bottle
We want to eliminate harmful chemicals from skincare. The revolution starts here, with organic products that really work.

Never junk. Only good stuff.
What we put in our bottles ultimately ends up Under Your Skin. So we’re extraordinarily picky. Only pure, highly nourishing ingredients make it. 

Powerful stem-cell extraction
Only Under Your Skin uses stem cell technology to extract all the goodness from the powerful milk thistle plant.

We’re constantly hunting for smarter, more planet-kind packaging. Our bottles are recyclable, BPA-free, food-grade plastic but the moment there’s something better we’ll use it.

Without toxins.

Revolution in a bottle

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Mother & daughter duo think sustainable at all stages. The hand cream with a scent of citrus nourishes with almond oil and stem cells from Thistle.

Damernas Värld Maria Ahlgren
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What about an organic conditioner that makes your hair super soft, shiny, fluffy?! it has a smoothing effect and it smells like heaven.

Plaza Kvinna susanne barnekow
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It has a fresh scent of grapefruit that I love and is one of the reasons I like it so much!

Naturligt Snygg Hannah sjöström