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6 common myths about hair - these are not true!

These days, there's an abundance of information on all sorts of topics, making it challenging to discern what's true from what's false. Among the subjects with a wealth of information is hair care, but not all of it is entirely accurate. Consequently, people often fall victim to myths about hair, following rules and tips that are far from the truth. So, today, we at Under Your Skin aim to address misinformation and debunk the most common myths about your hair. We've gathered six myths that many people believe in, and we'll explain why you shouldn't buy into them. So, read on to discover the truth about your hair and learn how to take care of it properly.

  1. You Need to Wash Your Hair with Cold Water for Shine
    False, false, false. You'll probably be delighted to hear that this myth about hair is false because there's no longer a reason to shiver in the shower. Washing your hair in icy cold water won't give it a beautiful, fresh shine. So, you can happily stop following this advice and start using lukewarm or warm water instead. Nevertheless, there are tricks to achieving shiny hair by using the right products and taking proper care of your hair. You can restore luster to your hair without enduring the chill in the shower.

  2. Hair Grows Faster When You Trim the Ends
    How many times have you heard that your hair will grow faster if you trim it? Those of us who cherish long hair and avoid frequent haircuts don't like to hear that hair needs to be trimmed to grow. Fortunately, this is a hair growth myth that isn't true!

    Hair grows from the roots, not the ends. So, when you trim the split ends, your hair will appear healthier, and the ends will look thicker. However, it doesn't mean your hair will start growing faster. It just means your ends will look better and stop breaking off, making it seem like your hair is growing faster. You can stop booking haircut appointments as often, save some money, and enjoy your long hair.

  3. Shampoo Must Lather to Clean the Hair
    People often associate cleansing with lather. But we're here to debunk this hair myth. When a shampoo lathers a lot, it doesn't mean it's a deep cleanser. Instead, it means the shampoo contains strong surfactants that create a lot of lather. As a result, people get the impression that the shampoo is more effective and cleans the hair better than shampoos with less lather. But in reality, more lather doesn't equate to better cleansing.

  4. It's Better to Wash Your Hair Without Conditioner
    Some people believe that conditioner is unnecessary and that it only weighs down the hair and makes it greasier. This is one of the most common hair myths. You should use conditioner every time you shampoo your hair if you want it to be soft, smooth, and shiny, and easy to comb. This applies even if your hair is thin and straight.

    With shampoo, you clean your hair and scalp from dirt and oils, but also from the natural oils that moisturize the skin. That's why your hair may feel rough or dry if you only use shampoo. So, help your hair regain its shine and softness by using a moisturizing conditioner. We promise you'll see a significant difference when you start using our organic conditioner. Your hair will be super soft, shiny, and easy to brush. If you feel your hair needs extra care and moisture, you can use our conditioner as a hair mask and leave it on for about 10-20 minutes. The results will amaze you!

  5. You Should Apply Shampoo Throughout Your Hair
    We can confidently say that one of the most common hair myths is that you need to shampoo your entire hair length. But no! You don't need to do that at all. There's no reason to apply shampoo to the hair lengths. So, don't waste the product—only shampoo your scalp. Shampoo your scalp twice, massage the product into the skin, and then rinse. Your hair lengths will get cleaned sufficiently as you rinse your scalp. This way, you'll avoid drying out the lengths, and the shampoo will last longer!

  6. You Must Avoid Applying Conditioner to the Scalp
    Do you think that applying conditioner to the scalp causes oily hair? Then you believe one of the common hair myths. If you use a conditioner made with fine, high-quality ingredients, it's entirely safe to apply it to the scalp. Additionally, it can help prevent a dry scalp and rough hair.

When using our Detox Kit, you may find that your hair feels slightly coarse after shampooing. This is entirely normal because our shampoo doesn't contain silicones, which usually soften the hair. So, if your hair feels rough or dry, you can easily apply the conditioner to the scalp and enjoy smooth, silky hair!

Stop believing in these common hair myths and start using products correctly. As you can see, many widespread myths about hair are found everywhere. It's easy to believe them and follow the advice because you don't know if they're true or not. Therefore, we aim to debunk these common hair myths to help you take proper care of your hair and stop following tips that don't help. Apart from these, there are many other hair myths, so we can write more on this topic if you're interested. Did you believe in these or any other hair myths?

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