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Detox your hair at home in a few easy steps

Are you tired of an irritated, dry, and itchy scalp? Does your hair become greasy very quickly after washing? Then it's time to do a detox to revive both your hair and your scalp. It's not difficult to restore the balance in your scalp if you use good products and avoid strong and questionable ingredients. But if you don't know how to detox your hair at home, we are here to give you some tips. At Under Your Skin, we highly value hair detox, so we want to share with you how to rejuvenate your hair. Keep reading to learn more about how to detox your hair.

Why should you detox your hair?

To achieve soft and shiny hair, people tend to use a wide range of products. Unfortunately, most of these products contain very strong ingredients that can harm your hair and scalp. Ingredients such as SLS and SLES, which are powerful surfactants, can dry out your scalp and hair. As a result, your skin produces more sebum to compensate for these ingredients, making your hair greasy very quickly. Moreover, a buildup of various styling products that you use accumulates and clogs the pores on your scalp, which can lead to acne and scalp itching.

That's why you need to understand that your scalp is a part of your skin. If you want to make it healthier and cleaner, you need to undergo a hair detox to get rid of all the dirt, products, and chemicals. By giving your scalp a break from all the strong products and taking care of it properly, you'll restore the moisture balance in your scalp and make it feel healthier. This way, you'll avoid having a dry scalp. Therefore, we want to share some tips on how to detox your hair at home.

How to detox your hair, step by step:

  1. Switch to a deep-cleansing shampoo without strong surfactants to begin a hair detox

    As mentioned, most shampoos contain surfactants that can dry out your hair. However, these surfactants are not necessary for thorough hair cleaning. By switching to a milder shampoo with cleaner, non-drying ingredients, you will notice a significant improvement in your hair's condition. Our own Organic Detox Shampoo will clean and moisturize your scalp in a healthy way without drying it out and causing various issues.

    Our gentle and natural shampoo restores the moisture balance and pH level in your scalp, making it much healthier. The shampoo is especially designed for dry and itchy scalps that are sensitive, as well as hair that gets oily quickly. It also contains hydrolyzed quinoa that protects and preserves color, so it is a deep-cleansing shampoo that does not strip away color. After a few weeks of using such a shampoo, you will notice that your hair doesn't get greasy as quickly after washing. If you want to detox your hair at home, the first step is to start using a hair and skin-friendly shampoo.

  2. Choose a natural conditioner

    Of course, you need to use a conditioner after shampooing to moisturize your hair and provide it with nourishment. If you use a good conditioner, your hair will be shinier, softer, and easier to comb. Once again, it's best to look for a product that is as natural as possible and doesn't contain strong and harmful ingredients. Our Organic Conditioner provides your hair with enough moisture and can even function as a hair mask if you leave it on for 10-20 minutes, giving your hair a much-needed moisture boost. If you're detoxing your hair from unnecessary products and chemicals, you don't need to detox it from moisture.

  3. Stop using styling products when you're detoxing your hair

    There is a wide range of different hair products available on the market. Hairspray, dry shampoo, heat protectant, oils, and many other products come in various forms. But using all these products can be harmful to your scalp. Most styling products contain many chemicals and questionable ingredients. Eventually, residues of these products can accumulate in your scalp and cause itching and dryness. If you want to detox your hair from grease and avoid a dry scalp, there's a simple solution: stop using so many styling products.

    Our suggestion is to abstain from these products for a while. Use only our Detox Shampoo and Conditioner Kit to restore your hair's natural pH balance and promote a healthier scalp. After the detox, you can continue using some types of styling products. However, make sure to use products that are as natural as possible. You can also keep using our kit even after the detox process and switch to regular shampoos and conditioners.

    The best way to use our detox shampoo and conditioner

    As mentioned, we have designed our detox kit with a deep-cleansing shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner to wean your hair off strong, unnecessary ingredients and chemicals. To get the best results from our hair detox kit, we would like to share some advice with you. Here's how to use our kit and detox your hair at home:

    • Shampoo your hair twice. Start by taking a small amount of shampoo to cleanse your scalp from dirt. Rinse it out and then take a slightly larger amount of shampoo.
    • Use conditioner only on the tips. After rinsing out the shampoo, moisturize your hair. Apply the conditioner to the tips and leave it on for a while to get the best results. When you first begin your hair detox, you can also apply the conditioner to your scalp.
    • Blow-dry your hair to speed up the process. It may take a few weeks for your hair and scalp to adjust to our natural products. To expedite the detox, we recommend blow-drying your hair after washing.

    Revive your hair with a hair detox at home

    Detoxing your hair at home is relatively easy to do and makes a significant difference in how your scalp feels. If your scalp is dry, and your hair is greasy, it's probably time for a detox. This will help you restore the natural balance in your scalp and get rid of itching, redness, irritation, and even pimples on your head. So don't wait any longer – start your hair detox today.

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