Repair your hair with Intense Moisture Treatment

Repair your hair with Intense Moisture Treatment

Is your hair dry and damaged, and your scalp irritated and itchy with lots of dandruff? Our Intense Moisture Treatment will help you!

Using a hair treatment or hair mask is an excellent way to give your hair some extra love and care - especially during those seasons when your hair is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

How do you use a hair mask?

Using a hair mask in the shower will provide your hair with extra shine, moisture, and help repair damaged, dry hair strands so that your hair can continue to grow without feeling dry or brittle. 

It is best to apply a hair mask in the shower - after using shampoo. Apply the product generously and comb it through your hair - from roots to ends, leave the treatment in for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off.

Under Your Skins Intense Moisture Treatment repairs, strengthens, and deeply moisturizes your hair. The treatment also contains the powerful ingredient Glucaveen, derived from oats, which helps repair damaged hair strands and strengthens dry hair. Tests also show that Glucaveen reduces dandruff, itching, and calms irritated scalp by as much as 25% in just 72 hours.

The hair mask also contains castor oil and sunflower oil, which provide shine, luster, and strengthen your hair. We promise that this treatment will not disappoint your hair!

Read more about our Hair Treatment kit here.

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Jag ville bara informera om att det står i texten att denna produkt kommer att ge håret extra “glas” istället för “glans” 🙂 vänliga hälsningar Sofia


Vill bara berätta att jag köpt er boddy lotion och den är fantastisk!!

Anna lindh

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