The Hair Detox

The Hair Detox

Have you noticed that it can take a while to get used to a hair routine with only natural products? And do your hair feel greasy after only one day? Then a natural hair detox is the way to go. 

It takes a while for the hair to get used to natural ingredients, and this is because your scalp may be dehydrated from strong surfactants. Ingredients like SLS and SLES are very strong surfactants, making your scalp produce more and more sebum (the body's own moisture) - and you'll want to wash it again. 

Products without strong surfactants will help moisture your scalp in a healthy way, only washing away the excess from styling products and dirt. In the beginning, it can feel like your hair is getting greasier at shorter intervals - try holding out  for about two weeks and you'll will notice that your hair soon stays clean for longer. This means your scalp has restored its natural pH. 







The Under Your Skin Shampoo &  Conditioner are formulated with  selected natural & organic ingredients, with just the right pH and moisture level to keep your     hair and scalp healthy and strong. S
  Without SLS, SLES, Silicones, Parabens, artificial colors.
Buy them together at 420 kr. 
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Så bra produkter! Mitt hår har blivit helt magiskt efter att jag gjort detta, det tog ungefär 3 veckor sen märke jag skillnad!


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