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Welcome to a new era of anti-dandruff hair care: Sensitive Kit

It's always exciting when we at Under Your Skin get to present something new to you. Today is no exception, because we have something very special to reveal: our latest addition to our range – the Sensitive Kit.

Why Sensitive Kit is a Game Changer

Sensitive Scalp Kit
Our scalp is like a mirror of our lifestyle. Stress, pollution and even the products we use can create imbalance. Itchy, dry scalp, dandruff - surely that sounds familiar? And how often have we reached for those strong, chemical products for a quick fix?

But here comes a turning point. With the Sensitive Kit, we take a strong stand against the hair care that is marketed against dandruff today, often full of SLS and other, for us, really bad chemicals. Instead, we welcome a gentler, more natural approach in our new series.

What Makes Sensitive Kit Different?

Sensitive Scalp Kit Product Image
It is easy. We have listened to you, our Under Your Skin family, and understood the need for a gentle solution. Sensitive Kit combines the purest ingredients with science to create a scalp harmony you've never experienced before.

  • Rosebay: Not only a beautiful plant, but also a super ingredient that balances the scalp and soothes irritated scalps.
  • Oat extract: Nature's own anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Perfect for soothing and caring for the scalp.
  • Pinkberry: A miracle from nature that quickly relieves redness and irritation.

And the best part? These products are dermatologically tested and safe for sensitive skin.

How Do You Use The Sensitive Kit?

Sensitive Scalp Serum
Using the Sensitive Kit is a simple process that can do wonders for your scalp and hair. Here is a detailed guide:

  • Shampoo: Start by using the shampoo. Apply an appropriate amount to wet hair and gently massage into the scalp. Rinse thoroughly. This step helps to clean the scalp and prepare it for the next step.
  • Conditioner: After shampooing, apply the conditioner, mainly to the lengths of your hair. Leave it on for a few minutes to nourish and hydrate, then rinse it off.
  • Serum: The serum is the heart of this kit. Use it on dry or damp scalp. Apply a small amount directly to the scalp using the applicator. Gently massage the serum in with your fingertips. It does not need to be rinsed out. For best results, use the serum twice a day when you experience symptoms such as itching and dandruff. As your scalp improves, you can use the serum preventively, once a day or every other day.

Who should Avoid Sensitive Kit?

Although the Sensitive Kit is designed to be gentle and suitable for most hair and scalp types, there are some exceptions:

  • Allergies: People with known allergies to any of the ingredients should avoid the product.
  • Extremely oily hair: People with extremely oily hair may find that the product does not suit their hair type.
  • Certain hair treatments: If you have recently undergone aggressive hair treatments such as perming or bleaching, consult with our hairdresser via support or your dermatologist before using these products.

Beyond the product: Our philosophy

Lovisa Hahn UYS Founder
At Under Your Skin, it's not just about selling products. It's about creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. We are proud that our products are free of questionable chemicals such as zinc-pyrithione and questionable SLSes – ingredients that have caused a great deal of debate in the beauty industry.
Choosing the Sensitive Kit is more than just choosing a hair care product. It is a stance for a healthier, more conscious lifestyle.

We at Under Your Skin are here to support you on that journey.
Thank you for continuing to be a part of our journey, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences with the Sensitive Kit.

With love,
Lovisa Hahn

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Har också försökt komma vidare i er annons angående gratis-kitet för mjöllbenäget hår. Men kommer precis som alla andra bara till er försäljnings-sida med produkter som går att köpa…..
Klingar ju rätt skapligt om falsk marknadsföring här, iom att ni hänvisar till något som inte ens existerar, enbart för att dra folk till er plattform för försäljning…..
Rätt ruttet av er måste jag säga.
& trist när man faktiskt vill testa kitet innan man köper på sig produkter man inte vet ett dugg om. Så ruttet av er…., plain and simple, ruttet….

Malin Berggren

Klickade på annonsen om ett prov men Finns ingen länk!

Christina Lagerroth

Under samma som ovan kommentarer.. Fått upp reklam att få testa produkterna på instagram flera gånger och, det står följ länken men kommer bara till sidan med att köpa den.vart hittar man formuläret?


Såg er tävling på instagram men hittar inte dit. Hur gör man?
Vänlig hälsning

Maria uusimäki

Vill gärna prova

Chamoun habib Hanan

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