This is why you should use fresh skincare

This is why you should use fresh skincare

Fresh skincare... What does that even mean? 

If we flip it and look at what non-fresh skincare means - often, most products you find on the market contain a lot of preservatives. Some products contain so many preservatives that they can last for over 2 years! That's not what we consider fresh and vibrant here at Under Your Skin.

Who would buy a loaf of bread that lasts for two years? You quickly understand that the ingredients in that bread can't be good for your body. Is it the same with skincare, you might ask? Yes, precisely. New research studies show that the skin's own composition of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi that work for good skin health) can die from using preservatives from skincare products. This then contributes to the breakdown of your skin's natural defenses and negatively affects your skin health.

At Under Your Skin, we believe in fresh skincare.

We use a self-preserving natural system in all our products (which is so gentle that the products last for 6 months after opening). This, in turn, allows your skin's natural defenses to work as usual and not break down. We manufacture all products in small batches to be as fresh as possible for you as a customer, and the product has not been sitting on a retailer's shelf for several months before it gets to come home to you.

Our new series of fresh facial products

We recently launched a series of unique, 100% natural facial products that include, among other things, an oat extract that is grown on Swedish fields and a stem cell extract that is also developed in Sweden - we are so proud to be able to present products that are as locally sourced as these!

The new kit consisting of a serum and a cream is called the Detox Kit for Face, and the reason for the name is that this kit is the perfect set of products to switch to if you have previously used synthetic products with strong preservatives, perfumes, silicons, and mineral oils. Gentle, mild, and result-oriented, these products give you a glow, hydration, and preserve your skin's youth without the need for questionable chemicals!

Klick here to read more about Detox Face kit.

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